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Welcome to Money Essentials - Unsecured Loans

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Money Essentials offer an expert loan finding service to find the best suitable loan for you.

How we work

Simply tell us about yourself and what you're looking for and we will then match you with the very best available lenders. Behind the scenes we will be working hard to match all the details you have given us with UK based lenders to provide you with as many loan options as possible. We like to show you a variety of options, so you can choose the best loan for you.

Why we are different

Unlike many other UK brokers, we do not charge any upfront fees. For using our service; we schedule your payment for a date in the future, as our aim is for you to have received your new loan before our fee is taken. This means we do all the hard work to find you a suitable lender before you pay.

Money Essentials Loan Finding Service Fee:      £89  No fees charged on the day of your application

Who are we

Money Essentials are a UK liscenced credit broker, part of AK Management (UK) Ltd; a group of companies offering a range of financial services such as loan brokerage, credit management and debt management.